Here at Horea Studio, we are a committed and organized creative & professional team having 16+ years of experience in packaging design and branding, having knowledge in printing processes and finishes, visual communication, and typography. Our area of expertise also covers sustainable packaging, which we believe to be the solution for the planet’s future and the next generation of human beings.

Our clients are from all over the world (UK, Australia, Canada, USA, France, Iraq, Egipt, Indonesia, Romania, Iceland, Spain etc.), from different industries and demographics. Within the creative process, we are focused on all the details of the concept: from the communicator that makes the difference in the customer's mind and creates desire, to the general layout of the product exposed on the shelf. We had the opportunity to develop brands for both well-established businesses and startups. We are very familiar with brand roll-outs, dealing with more than 5000 SKUs roll-outs, we managed to improve the attention to detail, brand continuity, and implementation.

We understand how every detail is important in creating brands that change people’s lives and have a great impact on our health. Health and well-being are very important to us and our families.

We are highly efficient, organized, and thorough. Time management is a key factor in our creative process. Besides being a true professional team and having a firm grip on the principles of effective visual communication, we are also friendly, fun, honest, and reliable.
Creative Services:
Brand Identity
Brand Audit
Brand Strategy
Packaging Design
Sustainable Packaging Solution
Typography Manipulation

Why us page will tell you in more detail about our approach and principles.
Horea Studio - your brand's friend.
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