"Horea Studio helped us create and set the visual direction of our new brand of tea. They are a true asset and a perfect match for this project, as they know exactly how to bring a client's vision to life. 
Everyone at Horea Studio is extremely talented, easy to communicate with, and able to perfectly understand the personality of the brand as well as the market trends, cultural aspects, and customers' consumption behavior.
Working with Horea Studio is absolutely “hassle-free”! The whole process is so smooth and the results are so good, that it wows you! They set high standards for their work, and even so, they manage to overdeliver! 
Once you get to work with Horea Studio, you will see what top-notch design and quality packaging are all about!
We are so grateful for such a successful collaboration and recommend Horea Studio! We are looking forward to working with them again!"
Vlad Tarmure, Safeway International, Specialist Marketing
"Horea Studio's work can best be described in 3 words: creativity, innovation, and vision.
With very good skills and a harmonious connection, Horea Studio knows how to create a whole brand dedicated to the market segment to which it is addressed, and remains alive as a brand.
The incredible part of working with Horea Studio is that they manage to capture the client's vision and translate it into a fresh, clean, attractive, and professional image.
I truly recommend Horea Studio to any business owner who wants to create or wants to be able to print the company's image."
Dana Ciobanu, Aivia, Marketing Director - Romania
"The collaboration between Horea Studio and us was extremely professional with clear and concise objectives. They had the most significant and important influence over the new design theme which has brought to life our new brand. Not only was the design micro-managed and detailed but speed to market was a great achievement. 
Sales are up over 200% since the rebrand and consumers are looking for EmraldLabs products.
From small business to large, Horea Studio has been instrumental to our brand's progress since 2020."
Domenic Giampaolo, Director, Elite Supps Australia - Australia
"I have worked with Horea Studio for the past years. They created several brand identities and packaging designs for our brands. The designs are clever, creative, and realistic. Communication is fast and easy. Outstanding work that meets our expectations and more. It is a pleasure to work with such a talented and professional team."
Sigrún Bar∂adóttir, Teko ehf, CEO - Iceland
"Together with Horea Studio, who helped us build Evolet Selection's branding and packaging from scratch, we now easily get into 5-star hotels across Europe as well, not just in Romania. Our Evolet Selection is the most selling brand from our brand portfolio with sales revenue increasing every year. We are more than happy to recommend Horea Studio for any branding and packaging design project."
Eugen Achim, Kalpo, Executive Manager - Romania
"Horea Studio provides a great design that takes our brand beyond what we could do before. They take time to understand their clients' needs, readily available most of the time, even outside working hours on weekends. Distance doesn't seem to be a barrier to our collaboration. They are responsive and deliver quality work in less time than our other designers. We are satisfied and highly recommend their work and service."
Martin Fu, Director Mikatasa - Indonesia
"We choose Horea Studio for its strong and creative portfolio. Horea Studio worked on a creative set of strong design concepts, that gave us the leverage to provide our clients with a diverse set and turn the decision-making process into rather a fun journey. Besides all, we enjoyed the professional and speedy communication and business ethics, and we can simply summarize this experience as “An elegant, timely, fun journey”, we recommend Horea Studio for start-ups as well as multinationals.“
Karim A. Soliman, Business Development Manager at atp Technology - Dubai
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