Kids At Home
Sustainable is causing little or no damage to the environment and therefore able to continue for a long time.
Sustainability is not about one limited range of thought or interaction. It is a holistic attempt to mimic the best behaviors of the natural environment.

I’ve become more and more interested in the impact of plastic on family life and I have decided to develop a sustainable packaging concept that would change conventional body care plastic packaging for children (and not only), to reduce waste and increase the circularity of the packaging.
This concept might look like a regular carton, but it is not. The function and material used are very important.
Kids At Home is a clear and straightforward concept: to use a carton for liquid products, such as shampoo, bubble bath, and body wash. During bath time, these cartons can be fun to play with and after emptying the cartons, these can be reused in children's play outside the bath. The kids can have fun during and after bath time. Imagine a village or a city made out of cardboard packaging. How fun is that?
It is important from an early age, for the children to get used to and learn how to reuse objects and help free the environment from waste.
This concept goes further than that. With every purchase of Kids At Home products, a percentage of the profit can be donated to build houses for kids in need, because everyone needs a warm and safe space to live, especially children who are the future of the world. With Kids At Home, you can help the planet and vulnerable children, too.
The carton and the bioplastic cap are fully compostable and recyclable.
The concept can easily be implemented in a variety of products that currently are made out of plastic as the main material, such as body care, hair care, juice, dairy products, cupboard food, cleaning products... and more.

Key Features of the concept:
- less than 10% plastic
- cap made out of bioplastic
- easy to recycle
- easy to produce and cost-effective
- packaging can be reused in children's play
- lots of fun for kids during and after bath time​​​​​​​

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